Welcome to the Lifestyle Loft

Hi Friends. Welcome to the Lifestyle Loft and thank you for visiting. My Name is Bilha Kangethe and I am the founder of the Lifestyle Loft, an affordable lifestyle company, and brand. You’re probably wondering what the Lifestyle Loft is all about?

I am an interior decorator/stylist based in Toronto who likes affordable pretty things. Over the years I have indulged in design/DIY projects around my house, planned events and really enjoyed it and as I transitioned into my 30’s I am falling in love with the homemade lifestyle. Luckily I was able to create my own unique lifestyle without having to break the bank. Being that I like pretty things, growing up in a fast-paced society that revels in keeping up with the trends, I  found tremendous peer pressure. I was raised in a middle-class home and fortunately, this automatically put a cap on how much I could spend.YES, I said it, FORTUNATELY !!! This then forced me to live within my budget. Over the


years I have developed a knack for spotting pretty things and creating spaces and things on a budget. Every time I would share my finds and how much I spent, I was met with such amazement as people wouldn’t believe how I was lucky to find such great deals. Hence the idea of the Lifestyle Loft.

I strongly believe that lifestyle is as unique as the person that creates it. We have always been conditioned to believe lifestyle is what we see in the media and, to be honest, it can get expensive trying to achieve and maintain the types of lifestyle we see in the media and keep up with the trends. Most people would like to live in beautiful homes, keep up with the Joneses but are finding it impossible to.And if they do, their lives are met with incredible pressure, lots of household debt and exhausted individuals who are stuck in a cycle of working to live. At the Lifestyle Loft, we are hoping to inspire and to encourage each and every one of our readers to celebrate their authenticity and create a lifestyle that is unique to them without having to break the bank.

On this blog, I will be sharing Home Decor/ DIY projects and tip, Fashion, Beauty, Inspiration Tips, and Lifestyle hacks as well as bits of my life along the way.

Cheers to being authentic, Falling in love with your process of creating your own unique lifestyle, failing, succeeding, dreaming, achieving and embracing your authenticity, generating joy, happiness, and inspiration and enjoying every minute of it.