I know what your thinking, “Arghh Contemporary sofa’s? Who cares?!?! If someone else has to sell me on a product to purchase, I will throw something!” We understand your frustration, and that is why we are happy to tell you this is not a sales pitch. Hooray!!Now that we have out the way, let’s review contemporary sofa’s that will look great in your contemporary style home.

We recently completed our cloverleaf project, in which our client requested a contemporary style space. Countless hours of research coupled with lots of retail sourcing, we found that we had catalogued a lot of information. In that, we noticed a recurring theme in contemporary sofa’s. So we decided, instead of keeping all that info we have to ourselves, we might as well share that with you.

Let first of start off by saying, purchasing a sofa is a commitment, they are expensive. In addition, there are lots of options and quite frankly can be intimidating and exhausting. While you have to consider room area, symmetry and balance, functionality, it’s no wonder why buyers quit before they even start.

So what is the point of this whole post you may ask! To Inspire you.We have rounded up our favourite contemporary sofas that will compliment your contemporary style. You don’t have to do the research or the sourcing, we have done it all for you.


All you have to do is grab a cup of tea, coffee, wine.. Depending on what time of day you are reading this and scroll down. Thats it! Get inspired…. We didn’t want to stop there, if you decide that there is a sofa that sparks your interest, there is a link provided to make your window shopping experience easier. Click, Add to Cart and Swipe!

Forte Channeled Charcoal Velvet Sofa-CB2
Kotka Black Tufted Sofa– CB2
Curvo Light Grey Velvet Sofa– CB2
Abisko Quartz White Sofa– ARTICLE
Yarrow Gold Mirage Sofa– ARTICLE
Benedict Sofa– ROVE CONCEPTS
Milo Modular Sectional– ROVE CONCEPTS
Arya Modular Sofa with Open Mind– ROVE CONCEPTS
Rochester Sofa– WEST ELM
Aston Leather Sofa– WEST ELM

We hope you have enjoyed this post as much as we did putting it together. Join us next week as we share how to put all this Inspo to work. Until next time, Have a great week.


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