When we got the call to jump onto styling the Cloverleaf project, we could not have been more overjoyed. This is a special project to us for very many reasons. Not only was our client amazing, kind, patient and trusted the vision we had for her space, but also was looking for a concept that she hadn’t seen before. We were determined to make it happen.

Her love for contemporary spaces, clean lines, and a light and airy space led us into the direction that we had for the home. We began by tackling the space that you walk into when you walk into the home, the living room.


The Living room is the first space you walk into. The goal was to create a statement, but to make it as airy and light as possible. We anchored the space with the navy couch and added punches of colour in the accent pillows. We went back and forth about having a credenza , but decided to go with a shelf unit, which was styled with books and decor.


The family room is open and shares a dividing wall with the kitchen. The client indicated that they would use their family room often. Seating was a priority and the goal was to maximize seating while not sacrificing functionality. We added oversized, deep off-white couches and added two oversized accent chairs. The space in the family room was large enough to accommodate the oversized furniture. The client was specific about keeping the theme as minimal as possible. Therefore, we decided to only add accent pillows to the accent chairs and not the couches.

Nesting Tables

We decided to go with Nesting Tables in the space. This adds style and function while not compromising the minimal and light theme in the home.


The kitchen needed bar stools around the island. We added light grey bar stools finished in chrome to tie in the grey and chrome theme in the home. The client desired to have a dining table beside the kitchen/ island where the family could gather to have meals. Because space was limited, we added a glass, dining table and added velvet chairs that tied and carried on the theme in the home.

There you have it Lifestyle Loft Family. Want to see more pictures, head on over to our portfolio to get all the deets. Stay tuned for more updates and details on the cloverleaf project and other upcoming projects that are in the works. Until next time, Have a great week.


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