Hello Hello Lifestyle Loft Family. Happy New year and a Happy 2020 to you. It has been forever! For those that have been a part of the Lifestyle Loft family, Welcome back. If you happen to be new here, a warm welcome and a welcome air hug to you. My name is Bilha and I am the founder here at the Lifestyle Loft. We love new readers and would like to welcome you as not just a reader but as part of our Lifestyle Loft Family. Now that you are part of us now, let’s get right into it.


As you can tell the last post that went up was in November. I got the opportunity to work on the one room challenge which was an absolute honour. If you are new here, don’t worry you will not be left out of the loop. We have documented everything you need to know about the one room challenge. You might as well stop reading this and get caught up before reading this post.

After the one room challenge, it felt like everything that needed to happen in six months happened in 2 months. And that unfortunately kept us away from you from then till now. Yes I know! Absolutely terrible. But, there is an explanation. Nothing but great things happened and we cant wait to share with you all the deets. Before I can’t get into it, I first of all want to apologize for the silence.While we were away, we thought of you and are super happy to be back refreshed and renewed and ready to take on this new year with you guys.


Now that we have that out the way, we hope that you’re off to a great start to your year. With that in mind, what do you have planned for 2020? What are some goals and plans that you would like to achieve in this new decade? If you had to list those things in 2 words, what would they be? Leave us a comment below and let us know what your 2 words are.

Here at the Lifestyle Loft our 2 words are:

  1. Growth
  2. Consistency

Our first 2020 post is one to show that we are committed to connecting and engaging with you more in the new year. We plan on documenting all aspects of our journey as a business and are eager to inspire you more than we have before.

Please come back and join us this Friday as we begin by sharing what kept us so busy towards the end of the year. Some challenges that we faced, our growth and some of the things we have lined up for you Lifestyle Loft Family. Until then, have a great week and once again Happy 2020 to you Lifestyle Loft Fam.


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