This week on the ORC we are tackling an accent wall. Now I must say that there has been an evolution of the design flow and process. And I am super happy that I finally settled on a design. Before I can get into the backstory of how I decided to pick my final design, I want to begin by welcoming all those who are new to this blog. My Name is Bilha and I am the founder of the Lifestyle Loft. This fall we got the opportunity to guest participate on the One Room Challenge. If you want to know more about the 6 week challenge, head on over to week 1 for an in-depth explanation.

Every week since then we have been tackling items on our to do list to get us ready for the final reveal. Week 2, I shared my mood board and inspiration of my master bedroom. Week 3, I worked on my headboard and outlined how you too, can build a headboard for under $100. This week I am working on the accent wall. To those that have been following all through, welcome back.


Now that we all caught up, this I must say was my toughest week yet. I seemed to be all over the place. Prior to week 3, I began working on my accent wall. And the first design I had in mind, was almost perfect. Until I realized that I couldn’t quite figure out the cuts and measurements. Don’t take my word for it, check it out



As you can see I was starting to get somewhere but not really. I partnered up with a contractor friend of mine, Naz from Deafinite Contracting. He is a gem as he has been patient with the planning process. To be honest, if he hadn’t been there to help me with it, I would have given up. And after days of trying to plan it out I changed my mind and decided to try something else.


In the heat of frustration, I went back to the drawing books and changed the entire design completely. This time around, there would be less 45 degree cuts and give me the opportunity to complete this challenge on time.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out like I expected.

When I took on this challenge, I had a specific budget. With that in mind, when I set out to purchase my material, I found out that the material would go above and beyond what I had committed to. Bear in mind, I was to begin install this week Monday to be ready for you today. Frustrated and Disappointed, I went back to the drawing books again.


When designing, you will find yourself running into construction setbacks. At this point, take some time to weigh out what is most important and what is the most effective way to complete the task at hand. With my limited budget, I sought out to complete this makeover not only for myself but also to inspire each and every one of the Lifestyle Loft readers to indulge in a makeover.

As I evaluated the evolution of my design process, it dawned on me that the previous designs, were more technical than I would have liked. So I settled on a design that is not only inexpensive but easy to tackle.


  1. 2 3/4, 8 Foot Pieces of Baseboard Trim- $15
  2. Wood Filler– $5.50
  3. Caulking– $2.50
  4. Wood glue– $5.50


  1. Hammer/ Nail Gun
  2. Leveller
  3. Nails


  1. Begin by measuring your entire accent wall space.
  2. Use painters tape to mark out where your placing your trim.
  3. Measure and cut trim to size.
  4. Begin by working on boundary. Add some wood glue on the trim and Nail the trim into place. After completing your boundary, work on inside cuts. Make sure that you are using your leveller to ensure that the trim is laying straight.
  5. Caulk all the joints and trim.
  6. Use wood filler within the joints to create seamless joints.
  7. You are now ready to paint.

The process took two days. I worked with Naz to complete it in time for this weeks deadline. If you do decide to take this on your own, give yourself bit of time to make sure that the trim is placed well and aligned well.

My goal was to have the accent wall painted, Unfortunately I run out of time with the construction design setback. Which means next week, you are in for a treat. You will get to see the accent wall in its full glory. Join us next week as we tackle the painting and repurposing the nightstands and furniture that is going in the space. 2 more weeks to final reveal. I am super nervous and excited. It feels like the past 4 weeks have flown by.

Hope that this inspires you to tackle your own DIY. Leave us a comment, let us know what you think. Looking forward to connecting with you and until next time, Have a great weekend.


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