Have you scrolled through your Insta feed and seen the One room challenge and wondered what it was? That was me earlier this year. I follow a lot of design bloggers and interior designers and this Spring, the one room challenge dominated my feed. Curiosity led me to the ORC website And from then on, for the 6 weeks that followed, my fingers kept scrolling through the participants that took part in the challenge.

Lifestyle Loft family, I want to begin this month by sharing exciting news!!! For the next 6 weeks, we too are going to be guest participating in this challenge. First of all, when we got the email that our application was accepted and approved, words could not describe the excitement we felt.I can confidently say there was a lot of screaming, dancing and possible backflips.

To be participating with other amazing and talented designers, design bloggers and individuals, is such an honour that there are no words to describe. Thank you ORC for the opportunity to guest participate.

What is the One Room Challenge you may ask. It is a bi- annual highly anticipated interior design event founded by Linda Weinstein. Linda had the desire to renovate one room in her home but needed the motivation to complete it. And so, she gathered a group of friends and created this challenge. The challenge is essentially a supportive space that encourages all participants to start on a project and complete it within the 6 week period.

Now I can’t say enough how AMAZING this is. A lot of designers that I talk to including myself, are great at working with clients and delivering on project timelines. However, when working on personal projects lets just say we are the ultimate procrastinators.

Now that you know what it is, Please join us for the next couple of weeks as we work to transform My Master Bedroom. Yes people, you will get all access to my master! This week, I will share before pictures of the space and a checklist of the things I would like to tackle. Next week, I will have my moodboard and plan and Design Inspiration for the room.


Ladies and gentlemen, here is my master Bedroom. I worked on this room a couple of years ago and have been dying to change it for sometime now. At the time, Light and Airy was the the theme I Had in mind. But as my design aesthetic evolves, I want to essentially add warmth and character to the space. I spend a lot of time in my master bedroom, so I might as well create a mini sanctuary. Here are some pics to show what I am currently working with.

As you can see I have a lot of work to do. I need to add character, flow, and life into the space.


Without further due, let me share what I plan to do. I am hoping that you all can keep me accountable. On the to do list:

  1. Add new furniture. My current headboard needs a change,
  2. Painting.
  3. Switch out the drapes.
  4. Repurpose some furniture pieces.
  5. Add Accessories.

Voila, Room Transformed! At least, that’s how fast I think this transformation will occur. I am super nervous and excited nonetheless. Cheers to an amazing 6 weeks. Follow along with all the participants of the challenge here . Join me next week as I share with you the design process. Be prepared to be inspired to transform your space and be filled with all sorts of inspiration. Come back and join us next week, as we begin the design process. Have an amazing day Lifestyle Loft Family and rest of the week.



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