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Hello Lifestyle Family. Canada day and July 4, Bbq and brunches are not the only things we are excited about this summer. Nordstrom every July holds an anniversary sale where all their brands go on sale. We have seen sales up to 40% and sometimes up to 70% Sale.This Anniversary sale is an event that you don’t want to miss. For that we decided to share with you all our excitement. Why? First, friends and family do not let their friends and family shop full price. And as part of our Lifestyle Loft family, we won’t let you shop full price.

To my Canadian Readers, you may have heard of Nordstrom or had personal experience shopping there. The retail store, is fairly new and is comparable to Holt Renfrew. It launched here in Canada, a couple of years ago and has become increasingly popular in the retail space.

With that in mind, Nordstrom has services that are not yet available here. A major difference between US Branches and Canadian branches. US branches offer a Nordstrom debit and credit card. In Canada, we don’t. Why is this important to note? Nordstrom is giving early Access to members who are a part of the Nordy club, or who hold a Nordstrom Debit or Credit card. Or, Have earned a specific shopping status. This Access is not available to Canadian shoppers. What do I mean by this?

Early Access In The United States, begins July 9-16. Access is for shoppers who have acquired the status below.


Iconic Status: July 9- 10 IN STORE only

Ambassador Status: July 10-11 IN STORE only.

Iconic and Ambassador Status: July 11-12 ONLINE and IN STORE

Nordstrom Debit and Credit Card Holders- July 12


As For Canadian Residents, we too get to have Early Access. As opposed to US Residents who have more options and dates, Early Access will be granted to the Canadian Nordy Club July 16-19. To become a part of the Nordy Club:

Sign up for free at a location near you, and earn 1 Point for every $1 You spend. Early Access will be granted to shoppers that have gained the Ambassador Status. To see how to qualify, click here.

NORDY CLUB EXCLUSIVE( Open To Canadian Residents)

If you desire to be a part of the Nordy Club and decide to sign up for a card, each and every shopper will have the opportunity to have a personal shopping walkthrough with a sales associate. On the day you decide to sign up at a location near you, you will get exclusive access to a sales associate. What does this entail? The Sales Associate will go through all the departments with you and let you know how you can take advantage of the sales.

On the next post, we are going to let you know what you need to know and how to prepare for the sale. We will have a post for home goods and home decor on some of our fav products that Nordstrom will have on sale this year. Looking forward to connecting you all. Let us know if this information has been helpful and what are some things you have your eyes on this year, and how you plan on taking advantage by shopping on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


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