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Hello Lifestyle Loft Family, Its June Already!!!!! That rolling out doest even sound right. How did we get here. Hope your year is going well and that you are well into your spring, staying out of the rain and eagerly awaiting the heat and warmth. With the week upon us, we couldn’t stop thinking about some of our favourite things. Keep scrolling to see how we are soaking up the best things month has to offer.

1. The Abnormal Beauty Company

Abnormal Beauty Company

2. HIEER LIVING -Revolve Round Frilled Beauty Organizer

This find is definitely an unexpected. Not only is it a bargain brand, the quality of product is not compromised. Skin Care can come at a costly tag, and to find products that are economical and work, we are winning for sure Lifestyle Loft family. One thing is for sure this summer, skin is in, and we are definitely loving the abnormal beauty products.

$56.50 $89.99

Do you end up accumulating all these products and have no where to store them? Or have multiple storage cups and units that just made your bathroom, or make up space overwhelming? Well we have a solution for you. This beauty organizer, is goals. Not only is it cute, it can store your beauty products and cosmetics and jewelry too. We are obessessed.

3. Wood Feature Walls

Photo: Unknown
Photo: Unknown
Photo: Unknown

Wood feature walls are having a moment and we are loving every minute of it. Why? It’ a great DIY project, it is inexpensive and adds luxe in any space. Do you agree? We love it so much, we are Planning on doing a wood feature wall as one of DIY project this spring. Stay tuned to see how we were able to implement this design in our one room challenge this spring.

4. Book Of The Month

To all creatives out there, this book was written with you in mind. Elizabeth Gilbert explores the journey of creativity and encourages you to create living beyond your fear and be as authentic as you can be. It is brilliant! Grab your copy and add it to your summer book list. You will not regret it.

5. ALDO: Accessories

Acayria- $25

How cute are these? We literally can’t get enough!!! Lets just say summer, we are ready for you.

5. Gift ALERT: Anthropologie Rosado Pot

Tis the season to get some planting and get some indoor plants. Why not snag these pots and possibly gift your green thumb friend or family member. Or maybe you have a green thumb or just love cute pots like these, either way, we love them and love the price point even more.

And there you have it beautiful people. These are some of our favourite picks this month. Hope you are all off to a great start to your June. Have a great rest of the week lovers and friends. Until next time, let us know what your favs are this month and what things you are crushing on.


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