It’s no secret that subway tile is still a favourite in 2019. We literally cant get enough. Not only is it affordable, which is something we like to hear, here at the Lifestyle Loft, but paired with the right accessories and accents, it can turn your design scheme from modern farmhouse to chic in no time.

While the question still comes up whether this trend will die anytime soon? the overwhelming majority vote that, this timeless classic is going to continue evolving with more colour options and more creative ways to install. From herring bone to stack bond, each design style creates an aesthetic that speaks to ones personal taste

Dont take our word for it, check out these stylish styles that we are currently obsessing over…

  1. Cross Hatch
Image by: Elijah Hoffman

2. Traditional Herringbone

Image by: Unknown

3. Offset

Image by: Historias De Casa

4. Diagonal Offset

Image by: Home Designing

5. Stack Bond

Image by: Unknown

6. Vertical Stack Bond

Image by: Unknown

7. Running Bond

8. Vertical Offset bond

9. Diagonal Herring bone

10. Straight Herringbone

Image by : Studio Z Design

There you have it beautiful people. We hope that we have convinced you that subway tile is indeed a great stylish option. If you have been considering whether to use subway tile in your home renovations or design scheme, definitely give it a chance. You will not be disappointed. I know we are looking to incorporate some of these design schemes in a couple of projects that we have coming up. We will be sure to share how they turned out once projects are complete.

Until next time, have an amazing week Lifestyle Loft family.

**Please note all images that we couldn’t cite the source are labelled as unknown.**


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