Podcasts have become a new favourite obsession for so many reasons. From Information, Business and Entertainment, there is a podcast tailor made to your needs and wants. Not only are there diverse options, podcast offer an alternative to listening to music and steering your eyes away from a screen. We are hyper-sensitized to looking at screens from your work all the way to your home. You are either looking at your computer, looking at a mobile device and when you get home, watch TV or indulge in your favourite You Tube Channels. Either way, there has been a need to log off and focus on something else. Podcasts are able to provide that escape.

They are also a powerful story telling platform. Stories and story telling have been a part of our society from the dawn of time. They capture our minds, and connect information to our emotions. With this in mind, each content creator in the Podcast field is dedicated to telling a story. Giving the audience an opportunity to engage with the content produced in a fresh new way.

In addition, readily available internet and our connection to mobile devices, allows for easy accessibility. The most important and favourite part to all of this is that most podcasts are FREE!! Yes I said it FREE!! No matter what entertainment platform you sign up on,Apple iTunes, Spotify, Sound Cloud and the list goes on; all you have to do is Subscribe to the Podcast and you are in. Now I must say some of these platforms may have a cost to signing up because they have other services they market to you. However the podcast itself is FREE!

We live in an age where information is readily available to us. We don’t all get the chance to read books. With the rise of podcasts, not only do we get to access a wide array of information, we somehow become part of listening community that enriches our minds and souls.

With that being said, as a Business owner I have found that the best lessons to be learned are not only from the decisions that you make in your business but also to learn from those that went before you. Most successful business owners are willing to share their experiences and share their knowledge on how they build their businesses. You may not be able to access their insights by buying their books or paying for e-courses. However, listening to their interviews or listening to podcasts is a great way to channel and receive the information that they are willing to share.

The past couple of months have been such a learning curve and growth personally and in my Business as well. I attribute some of the lessons from the information that I have received and learnt on these podcasts platforms. You are able to compound your learning knowledge from 10 years to 2 months within reasonable application. By this I mean, you may learn how to do things that you would have had to learn the hard way through your business. However, listening to someone else journey and some of the tips they have will help you cut that learning curve by doing some of the things they did. It’s like having mentors that you can access on a daily basis.

Don’t get me wrong, you will still have to learn some lessons in your business and practical application. However, some of the lessons and questions that you have about your business, can be answered by listening to podcasts that will offer solutions for you. Not just in your business but also personal life. With that being said, check out my top 5 favourite Business podcasts

The EntreLeadership Podcast by Ramsey Solutions

The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon

The James Altucher Show

Your Online Genius by Bobby Klinck

The Dave Ramsey Show

Each of these podcast host has had insight and access to information that has helped me grow in my business. Not only that, they interview experts in all fields that pertain to their content. This is a new fun way to learning.

Lifestyle Loft family, do you listen to podcast? And if so what podcasts do you listen to? Leave us a comment and let us know. Hope your March is going well and that you are off to a great start to your week. Until next time, Have an amazing Monday.


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