Hello Lifestyle Loft Family. You might be thinking minimalism? Why? Isn’t it stark, boring, and plain. We’ll just like you and a lot of people including me, used to think the same. When I would enter into minimalist living rooms or look at pictures, it almost felt like looking at a work of art. Like walking into an art gallery to look and not touch, only difference is that it is in your home.

Now minimalism may not be everyones cup of tea. I would actually go as far to say that, in the design world, it may be appreciated by the architecture and art lover. On a personal note, My design preference always leans to making a space more inviting, and homy as is a lot of people. But there is a new wave of having quality over quantity and we are seeing this not only in fashion but also in the design world. The intent is to get rid of things that are unnecessary and investing in staple pieces. Giving emphasis to the notion that less is more.

How did this even come about you may ask? I have had multiple conversations with a good friend of mine regarding her decision to going minimalist. And it got me thinking, well this might be a challenge for me, to learn more about the minimalism movement and how it is impacting the design world. So I set out to look for design inspiration and could not believe what I found.

People/ Designers/ Home Owners, have employed minimalism principles but somehow made it authentic to their taste and home. Consequently, feeding my creative juices to the point of making me consider going minimalist. I gathered some great design schemes that will also make you consider minimalism, just as it did for me.

Photo: Nicole Hollis
Photo: Location Estate Agents

Photo: Lukas Machnik Design
Photo: City Home Collective
Photo: Sutro Architects
Photo: Luxe Design Studios
Photo: Res4 Architecture
Photo: Berg Design Architecture
Photo: Lukas Machnik Design
Photo: Texas Lq Design NewYork
Photo: Texas Construction Company
Photo: Alturas Homes
Photo: Robert Young Architects
Photo: Studio Revolution

And there you have it, modern minimalism at its best. Leave us a comment on what you think. Would you consider going minimal in your home? Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter if you would like to be updated on what is happening here at the Lifestyle Loft. Until Next Time, Have a great rest of the weekend.


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