I am sure many of us can relate to waking up one morning and asking yourself who am I? It may be a question you ask yourself everyday, or maybe once a decade. Or you may be one of the lucky ones that has never had to ask that question at all. I wish I could say that I was one of the lucky ones. I have had to ask myself this question a lot and mostly in my mid twenties to late twenties. It is a  great  place to start when trying to figure out who you are, in a space that is filled with millions of messages that influence identity.

I love to hear stories about my childhood. I constantly ask my mum and family to describe to me in detail what I did, what my personality was like. A couple of things amidst all of the stories. Bilha you were mischievous, strong willed, bold and  courageous, asked a lot of questions, never took NO for an answer and did everything that I put my mind to doing ( Good and Bad).  You wonder why I light up when I hear these things about myself. It felt like I was so sure of who I was as a child than as an adult. Which is ironic because I was less wise as a child than I am now as an adult. Question remains, what happened and when did the tide change? From complete confidence to complete chaos?

We are inundated with messages from every possible influence, media, family, social media daily. Our looks, personality, what we should wear, etc. are questioned. Fear is incited from all outlets. Fear of not having or fear of having, fear of being and not being. While I can’t quite pin point where the problem begins, and as Malcolm X positioned it out to us ” If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.” He couldn’t have hit the very idea of identity in an explicit way.

It’s not till recently that I realized, that your identity is the very thing that you need to figure out and once you do, stay planted. Stay planted so deeply that your roots will have a foundation. No matter what winds, or storms come your way( fear, anxiety, worry), it doesn’t mean that you wont be shaken, it just means that your leaves and branches may break and fall but the strength of your root will not be uprooted.As a child, I was who I was because I had an identity formed within my parents. That no matter what, I had parents that loved me and would do anything for me birthing an indescribable confidence. When I grew up and was surrounded by more influences things started to change and things got fuzzy.

Today I can confidently say that my identity is in Christ. My life starts with Jesus and no matter what happens in my life it ends with Him.Fear, anxiety and worry knocks at my door and when it does I am reminded that Christ is my foundation, my soil. The tree/plant cannot grow if it is not planted in great quality soil. The soil anchors the root of the tree and holds the water needed for moisture therefore fostering an environment for the plant to take root. In the same token the root absorbs water and nutrients to the plant. It anchors the body of the plant to the ground. More importantly stores and feeds the plant with what it needs to grow.

I know you are not reading this post to learn about the functions of a tree and its root system. But what I am trying to do, is to illustrate, the symbiotic relationship between the different parts of the plant and its foundation. Without the soil that provides all your plants nutrients, you will have no foundation, no food and no nutrients to your root essentially no plant or tree. In the same token, if your identity is in a foundation that does not provide water, food, and nutrients that you will need to stand the winds and storms of life, the chances of having an uprooted tree, with no branches, no leaves and no fruit is highly likely.

The one thing that stands out to me about this root, tree relationship is; How does the root know that it is planted and secured on good ground. Three answers: if there is a supply of water, nutrients and food. All have to do with nourishment. Which makes me ask? what is nourishing you today? Is it fostering or impeding your growth. See life works in one of two ways, in life or death. By this I mean, what feeds you will either cause you to live or to die. To be free or in bondage. To be filled with Love, Joy, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Humility and Self Control. These are things that nothing in this world not even the biggest bank account can buy.

***(See I have to plug a disclaimer here; I may not have a big bank account yet, but I have heard stories upon stories of wealthy man and women who have gotten all they ever wanted in the material possessions but found that they were still lacking.)***

When operating from a strong identity and foundation, you get to enjoy life more abundantly.You get to walk into rooms and people can’t even figure out what is this light within you. Why are you so happy? Why are you so calm? How do you walk in a humble confidence? How did you go through the challenge in your life with a great attitude? You will be the breath of fresh air that people will admire. You will be the person that they gravitate too. Not because you had the biggest bank account, or the greatest accomplishments, but because your character reverberates before you speak.

Beautiful people, identity is EVERYTHING!






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