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We are literally one week away from Thanksgiving. Are you excited, grateful and looking forward to it as I am. I hope you are. I am particularly thankful for such an amazing year and just the simple gift of life. Not many people get the chance to enjoy the season with their loved ones like I will get to this weekend. Amongst the many things that I am grateful for; my love for the fall season and I am particularly looking forward to the turkey dinner, stuffing, pastries and everything amazing my stomach could ask for.

The sound of that makes me want to go and buy a turkey today and have a pre thanksgiving dinner. While I love to host at  all times, this year will be different I got invited out to thanksgiving. Which means my only job is to look for an outfit and show up and eat; Sign me up.

While I will be missing out on decorating this year, I didn’t forget you guys. I rounded up my 15 favourite table scapes and dinner table settings that I had considered to draw inspiration from for this year. If you are hosting or looking to host and are stuck on what to do or how to decorate, surprise your guests with an amazing table scape that will jumpstart your holiday spirit. I hope that you are inspired as I was.


Photo: Unknown

Photo: Unknown





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