Outdoor Living spaces  have evolved over the years. We no longer see a patio with a bbq and a patio set as the norm. The phrase ” Bringing the outside in” is a design detail that adds natural elements into a space. Why? because humans tend to gravitate towards nature. In the same fashion, with the advancement of outdoor spaces,  “Bringing the inside out” is a design detail that adds interior decor and design elements outdoors.This allows the opportunity to enjoy nature with added home comfort.

It is important to spend time outdoors. We are already inundated with a fast paced life and barely take time to regroup. Studies show that spending time outdoors, has a de-stressing effect, improves ability to focus, helps fight depression and anxiety and reduce inflammation and blood pressure. While we may not have the opportunity to take walks or go on trails, adding an outdoor space, may assist in giving you the chance to spend time outdoors. More importantly add quality time with loved ones.

From Living spaces to kitchens, fire places and technology, we have a feeling that outdoor spaces are  going to capture more intricate detail and design. Most importantly become another great addition to home lifestyle. If you are looking to have a patio makeover, check out these inspiring photos below. It might just spark up an idea for your next back yard renovation.



The addition of a television and electronics in an outdoor space has become increasingly popular. These outdoor spaces are  built to guard the electronics from outdoor weather. Home owners are capitalizing on creating an outdoor lifestyle to suit their family needs. With this in mind, we are going to see interesting, out of the box design concepts that will continue to revolutionize outdoor spaces. We gathered up a list of our favourite spaces that included televisions in their outdoor spaces.



Outdoor Kitchens add life to backyard barbecues and have now become the hottest spot to gather family and friends in the summer time. They are convenient and provide easy access to cooking while entertaining guests, furthermore add value to your home. In addition, save on utility bills as you won’t be running your air conditioning to cool your house when cooking indoors. Outdoor kitchen design is also becoming increasingly popular and will continue to evolve. Check out these outdoor kitchens designs for inspiration. Hope they inspire you as much as they inspire us.

Photo: Plath & Co



Fireplaces have been a desired feature in the home since the 1600 and continues to be an architectural attraction to date. Equally important, we have seen this attraction expand into our outdoor spaces. As a result, we continue to see intricate design concepts and builds. Fireplaces are great for entertaining,add warmth and ambience to your outdoor space and can be used in all 4 seasons. Looking to invest in a fireplace, check out these cool ideas. Hope they inspire you as much as they inspired us.


4. OUTDOOR DINING SPACESJust like outdoor kitchens, outdoor dining spaces are great for entertaining and will provide a different ambience to your lifestyle. They expand the heart of the home to include your backyard.  For climates that have fall and winter seasons, they provide the opportunity to maximize on the warmer seasons and maximize time spent outdoors. Outdoor dining spaces are affordable and can be achieved by adding a dining table to your patio. If you are looking to invest, there is the opportunity to do so by building an outdoor space that will include a dining area. Whatever the case and budget, we rounded up some pictures for inspiration, check them out.

Whatever your budget, you can still achieve building an outdoor space to suit your family needs. The pictures above are meant to inspire you but not overwhelm you. Look up local contractors and landscapers to see if they can bring your backyard renovation dreams into reality. Hope you enjoyed this article. Until Next time, keep calm and enjoy the sun.





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    wow….congratulations Bilha.am so impressed by your wonderful creativity.i sincerely do wish you all the best.we love you

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