Hello lovers and friends, You might be wondering why I even chose to talk about this. Get your cup of tea, coffee, and lets get to chatting. Self esteem is a topic that has been evaluated and talked about for years. Consequently, it is a topic that we still debate about. I can confidently say that over the years, I have had  imbalances in these arena. As a matter of fact it is something that i am still trying to figure out today.

I turned 30 a year and a half ago, and it feels like something shifted in my personal, and emotional life.  I don’t know about you, but it almost feels like my 20’s were a time of confusion and yet somehow there was growth and maturity. They were filled with fun, loss, heartbreaks in between, laughter, great relationships and in the midst of all of that trying to figure out who i was, my journey, my purpose. On the contrary, as soon as i turned 30, it felt as though my purpose and journey became more clear. I had clarity and confidence in my decision making and was comfortable with who God created me to be.

Identity and Self EsteemJust to share little bit about myself, I love life, Love, Jesus and everything that inspires the greater good of the human spirit. Despite my love for life, some how along the way, I developed an incessant need to be accepted. Accepted by peers, accepted because of the things I achieved, accepted because of the place I stood in society. To no fault of my own, unfortunately we live in a culture where we are preconditioned to measure our value by our material possessions, careers, social standing amongst other external factors.

Over the years I have quickly learned that outside influences are not important. They do not bear any weight or add any value to who you are. Society inundates us from birth with images and messages, to look outside of ourselves to gain self esteem and confidence. It is important to note that, authenticity in who you are as an individual,self awareness and self esteem cannot be fulfilled by unspiritual sources. Attaching our value to anything outside of yourself, creates a false sense of reality. In turn, once one realizes that these outside sources that they desperately seek for a sense of fulfillment, cannot fulfill then comes greater disappointment and self hate (in whatever shape or form it manifests).

The past couple of Bible Study sessions have been on identity. Which I must admit has been a struggle and tagged at my heart for a long time. Our identity is not based on possessions, careers and not even family and loved ones. Our identity should solely be based on Christ. We are spiritual beings, and cannot have unspiritual and material things fulfill us.

It quickly dawned on me that it is high time that I begin to shift my mentality and mind towards how I view  identity. And the first thing I had to do was to accept that my view on self esteem was skewed. Nathaniel Brandel said it best, ” the first step toward change is acceptance.” I truly believe that, this is one thing that Jesus talked about over and over again.It is important that we stop to ask why he did and what significance and impact it can have in our lives.

I am going to tackle this as a series and dive deeper on identity. As I read more and ask God to reveal it to me,I pray that  you all stick with me. Share your thoughts and experiences on what self esteem means to you. Feel free to leave me your comments and thoughts or send an email. More importantly, may this series be a Blessing to you as much as it has been to me thus far. Until next time, Be Blessed abundantly.

Have a great rest of the week.






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