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Home staging is the art of transforming a home and creating a welcoming space while improving the properties appeal to a wide range of potential buyers. This prevents your home from sitting in the market . In addition provide a great return on your investment. Whether your home is occupied or vacant, the lifestyle loft is here to cater to all your needs. It only takes less than 6 seconds for a buyer to make a decision leaving little to no time to grab the buyers attention. Let us help you create a great first impression and emotion connection to your home.




With vacant home staging, we carefully pick furniture and decor that turn an unoccupied home into a warm and inviting residence. Not only do we plan every detail, we tailor the furnishing needs to the potential homebuyers in that market. Our focus is not only to sell your home, we take pride in delivering value, excellent customer service and catering to your specific budgetary needs.

At the consultation we will be discussing:

  1. Furniture Rentals
  2. Sourcing, Delivery, Set and The Down Options

Give us  call and let us come in and give you a free consultation.




You are ready to sell your home but have no idea where to start. Let your home staging experts help. You have the furniture, and all you need is an interior decorator touch to prepare your home for sale. Our recommendations are tailored to providing a plan that factors in solutions of having a staged home. In the same fashion,  also provide comfort and functionality as you will be living in the space. We will also equip you with solutions to maintain your space for up and coming showings.

At the consultation we will focus on:

Decluttering Options

  1. Neutral Paint and Space options
  2. Maximize Flow and Functionality
  3. Adding Accent and Decor Pieces ( If Necessary)
  4. Possible Professional Cleaning Services ( If Necessary)

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