With summer in full-swing, the backyard is the place to be and where most people entertain family or friends. Whether it’s joining everyone for a drink on the patio, or relaxing in a sun chair, it’s nice to make your backyard feel like home. This summer you can have it all; without having to pay an arm or a leg. DIY has become an ever trending way of taking nothing and turning it into something. In today’s society it makes a lot more sense to create your own clothes, furniture, and really anything. We are not all built, or think the same, so why would one item work for everyone?

A great aspect about a DIY project is that you get to customize your home in a way that no one has before. To one up this, it is also way more cost efficient then buying a patio set from Ikea or Canadian Tire. This summer, we wanted to give you a little inspiration of what this customized backyard might look like. Here are a few ways to convert your backyard into your new outdoor home:


I wanted to start with something a little easier than the next few ideas. For a lot of people, most of their summer memories are in the backyard. Whether it’s cooking, having a camp fire, eating dinner or just enjoying a couple beers, this is the place to be. An easy, simple way to change up your backyard is to create a table that has a built-in ice box.  Or put an ice-box in a existing table. This also very convenient for you, so you don’t have to keep running to the fridge.


If you have a smaller backyard and minimal seating space, a hammock chair is a great way to add seats without taking up a lot of room. You can also do this indoors; if you have a smaller apartment or even a sun room this will make for the perfect seating area to read a book or scroll through the internet.


Forget about buying outdoor furniture, with a pallet sectional you can make your own! Patio furniture, like any, is usually very expensive to buy at retail price. Making your own patio sectional is a very resourceful way to save money. Depending on your backyard, you can customize the size, shape and colour. Who wants to fit in when we were born to stand out!


This option is by far the most stunning, and fun for everyone! Save your money this summer and host your own cabana party. This is also family-friendly and makes for a nice evening with your kids. You can read with the little ones and gaze at stars. Of course this option isn’t for everyone; it has a lot more manual labor.

Make your backyard your new home for the summer with these amazing and easy-to-do DIY’s.


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