The sun is here to stay, and it’s safe to say it’s finally barbecue season. With summer underway, we want you to be prepared for every friend or family event that comes your way. The great thing about hosting a barbecue is that they’re very versatile, and appeal to all types of eaters. It’s a healthier alternative when cooking at-home, for all of you who are watching your waistlines. Barbecues are also a great way to be social or host a get together without having the commitment of a huge party.

If you’re looking to host your own barbecue or perhaps this is something you do on a regular basis, we have found 5 barbecue accessories to help you rock this summer!


Calling all burger lovers! If you’ve ever struggled to stuff your own burgers with extra delicious ingredients, say no more; we have the product for you. This kitchen accessory allows you to stuff your burgers with awesome things like cheese, bacon, mushrooms and really anything you want; without the mess. This allows you to create the ultimate burger experience for loved ones and friends.


This savvy gadget allows you to relax, without having to worry about burning everyone’s food. You simply place the thermometer in your food and the base station or app communicates with your smart device through Bluetooth. Once your food is cooked to perfection it notifies your smart device. You can now enjoy your time with family and friends without the hassle of running back-and-forth to the grill.


There are many burger presses on the market, but none as innovative and easy to use like this one. This accessory allows you to create your own burger patties, and includes separation disks to keep your meat from colliding together. This also comes in handy for larger parties. You can make your patties the night before and have them waiting for when your guests arrive. This makes for an efficient and convenient way to barbecue.


For those of you who are more sophisticated cooks, you know taste is a huge part of cooking and smoking your food adds a more intense flavor then cooking alone.  This flavor-enhancing tool gives you all the extra taste you desire, without producing flames, which results in a much larger concentration of flavor. The cylindrical shape of the smoker provides just enough oxygen to infuse your food.


If you’re in the market for a new barbecue, or maybe you’re just looking to spend some money; you should try the barbecue dining boat. This boat has a built-in barbecue grill, umbrella and trolling motor that allow you to be waterborne while barbecuing! It holds up to 10 adults, has a steel charcoal grill and a dining table where you can eat. There’s also storage for your food and drink. Be ready to empty your bank account with this new toy.


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