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Hello lovers and friends,

Victoria day is behind us and you know what that means.. Summer is right around the corner. Hibernation is a thing of the past, sun is out, social calendars are getting filled. And as such, we are ready  to showcase our warm weather wardrobe. I don’t know about you, but I like to indulge in some spring shopping for outfits that i could wear during the summer late January into early March. Why?

Because I am bound to find great deals… YES!! I said it..GREAT DEALS.. Don’t believe me, try it this summer going into the fall. Before the season becomes an official season, I have found that designers/ retail stores will have test pieces that will be debuting that season and because they are already having a sale for their previous season, in honour of rolling out into the new season, The new season items also go for discounted prices.. I used to work retail and I found that we would put out for example fall season shoes  around End July as test products to see how the market would react. And that, lovers and friends is how i am able to grab great deals for items that i could wear during the season. Don’t get me wrong,I  am not saying a  fashionista but i am saying that i love fashion and i dress my body as authentic to who I am as I possible can. Take a look at these finds that i found under $30.

Anyone that knows me knows that i am a shoe lover!!! I have been since I could walk. My mum has pictures of me wearing her shoes as young as 3 years old. In as much i love shoes, they can be quite pricey. My trick is to buy staple pieces that i could wear with multiple outfits. These i got from Misguided for $25.99. Missguided has great deals and ALWAYS have a sale. They have great quality. You will not be disappointed, well at least i haven’t so far.


This by far has been my favourite find this far. Forever 21 has some gems that you can keep as a staple piece for seasons to come. This Jacket for example   is quirky, but cute. It cost me $15.99!!! YESSSS 15 bucks!!! I love it and i will be featuring it in a lot of my outfits.


The blush body suit I also got from Forever 21. I got it for $6.99!!!! I will be rocking it with skirts, jeans, and shorts. This was a steal!!!!!











If your looking to stay fresh on a budget, I encourage you to try this out this summer. This is a perfect time, right after Victoria Day to grab the deals and stock up on some staple pieces in preparation for your summer.

Please leave a comment and let me know whether this worked for you as much as it did for me. Have a great rest of the week lovers.



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