For most people, Victoria Day is a sign that summer is just right around the corner.  This holiday is only celebrated in Canada and Scotland, to honor Queen Elizabeth’s birthday. She was born on May, 24 1819, and is now the longest reigning Queen in England. Holding her throne for almost 64 years, she has now taken the title of the longest reigning monarch in British history.

Today, this holiday is celebrated with firework displays, BBQ’s, parades, camping and of course, drinking! For those of you who have never celebrated Victoria Day long weekend, or possibly just need a refresher, we got you covered.  Here are three ways you can celebrate Victoria Day:


Start enjoying the warmer weather by going camping with friends. Camping will make for an enjoyable mini-vacation, especially for those who can’t afford to actually go away. Now, depending on where you are looking to camp, this option isn’t as cost-efficient as the next two. If you plan on staying on a campsite this weekend, we usually see a jump in price. You can anticipate spending anywhere from $40-$100 per night. I recommend going with a larger group so you can split the costs. If you do choose this option, be sure to check that the campsite allows for alcohol. Many sites tend to prohibit it for liability reasons.


If you’re looking to stay at home this weekend, and avoid the crowded restaurants, hosting a BBQ will be perfect for you. The great thing about BBQ’s is that it’s an easy way to bring friends and family together. You can enjoy the beautiful spring weather and catch-up with people who you may have not spoken to in a while. BBQ’s are also easy crowd pleasers; if you have vegetarians or vegans in your group, this type of cooking provides more variety for everyone. You can have each person bring what they would like to eat and then take turns cooking. This also alleviates the stress of being host, and you can sit back, enjoy a drink and soak up the summer sun.


Fireworks are a fun way to end your long weekend, and most cities host their own display. You can usually go to any lake front or boat harbor and see them. This saves the money of having to do it at home. The only issue you may come across is parking; if you live nearby I would recommend walking or if you must drive, arrive early to get a parking spot. Beside this, it makes for a beautiful way to celebrate Victoria Day.  If you’re traveling to Canada to celebrate the long weekend with friends, or maybe just taking a vacation, there are many terrific spots to view the firework display. If you want some ideas on where to visit, you can go here and browse a few cities that know how to put on a firework show.

This weekend is all about celebrating, but remember to stay hydrated, put on sunscreen and be safe!


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