This year, I decided to challenge myself to make an effort and do more thrift or second-hand shopping, instead of buying directly from brand-name stores. Of course this challenge was not applied in all aspects of my life. Things like underwear, personal hygiene and makeup products were purchased directly from stores.

Depending on where you buy your clothes, the quality of product will always vary. When I was much younger I realized that women are targeted in the media and in social stereotypes to be the heavier consumers. Yet, our products are of worse quality then men’s and come at a far higher price. It’s safe to say it seemed unjust to continue to pay forward my hard-earned money to a system that sets me and many other’s up for failure.

I began my journey online. I knew that there had to be a store nearby that was already making money off of used-clothing. This is when I discovered Plato’s Closet, a store where I could buy gently used, trendy branded clothing. They had three stores nearby! At first site, it is a lot to handle. You could even say overwhelming. I went a few times without making any purchases. Much to my surprise they actually had an Instagram page, which they update daily with new clothes and top deals. I personally will not buy just anything, and especially not used. The online update each day made it easy for me to find something I liked without the hassle of sorting through the copious amounts of clothes in-store. Soon after I discovered their Instagram page, this is how I predominately began to shop. It allows me to scope new arrivals as soon as they hit the store and put ‘holds’ on items I would like to buy. The perfect way to shop!


I was personally in the market for a new pair of boots when I stumbled upon a pair of Dr Marten’s that were listed on the Plato’s Closet Instagram page. I purchased a pair of black, leather, high tops in good condition for only $45.00 CAD. Till this day, I’m very happy with my purchase. I probably saved $100.00 CAD on the exact same product I would of bought in store. This purchase set a positive tone for my next thrifting experience.

I was getting ready to go on a girl’s trip with a girlfriend from work. I needed to buy new summer-friendly clothing (dresses, rompers, bathing suits). I began by looking for online deals at the thrift store’s when I came across a weekend blow out sale! I probably made about three different trips before I went away and only spent $100.00 CAD. I was able to purchase everything I needed at a reasonable cost. Even though shopping at big brands  can be fun, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to paying full-price again.





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