Wine Wednesday has become an internet sensation, and also a great excuse to drink on a weekday. For those of you who are working a full-time job, every once in a while you need to kick your feet up and toast your progressing success. Today is about paying tribute to all of our wine-lovers out there trying to get through another hard, stressful work- week, one glass of chardonnay at a time.

Wine has come a long way from where it used to be. Today we see a lot of the younger generations drinking wine, and why not? It’s less expensive then liquor, and doesn’t make you bloated like beer. There are studies that prove wine is actually healthier for you. The antioxidants in red wine are said to possibly help prevent coronary artery disease, the condition that leads to heart attacks. Besides being a healthier alcohol choice there are also so many fun aspects that make being a part of the wine community that much more fun.  One of them being the products you can buy.

Let’s start with a beverage company that brings a whole new meaning to personalized wine. White Girl Rose Company is doing something that has never been done before. They’ve made your wine experience more personalized by doing things like marketing to women in their ads and writing funny, relatable statements on their product. It’s genius!

For those of you who can down a bottle of wine each night or has a friend or family-member who could, I have found the perfect glass for them. Brought to you by Big Mouth Inc but you can find it on Amazon for $23.97 CAD. This beauty fits just over a bottle of wine and stands at 11.5 inches tall. Perfect for a long night of card games and you’ll never have to refill your glass again. This makes for a funny gift for special occasions like secret Santa or bachelor/bachelorette parties.

If you enjoy tasting a wine or just having one or two glasses, we have found this great wine stopper that will help your wine stay as fresh as the first taste. Welcome the Original Vacu Vin Wine Saver which can be seen here: Amazon for only $17.97 CAD. How it works is that the product extracts all the air from an opened wine bottle and re-seals it using a rubber stopper. This airtight seal inhibits the oxidation process that is responsible for the deterioration of the wine.  This little savvy product is actually sold in over 80 countries globally.

All these handy products make celebrating or planning a special occasion fun and easy! You can really personalize the art of wine drinking for every type of consumer. Of course there are many more products to choose from and I personally found the most affordable to be on Amazon. If you find anything you would like to share, please leave a comment below so we can discuss it on our next Wine Wednesday blog.


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