“We all have the same amount of time in the day as Beyoncé.” I’m sure you’ve come across this phrase before, but it’s extremely problematic because not everyone has an army of people around to manage the most minute details of their daily activities.

So while we may not have minions running around doing errands for us, I’m going to share with you my top four favourite productivity and time management apps.




If you’ve read my previous post on bullet journaling basics, well, this is almost like a digital version of bujo’ing for me! It integrates my calendar, displays weekly/monthly/yearly tasks as well as habits. If I’m away from my journal for whatever reason, I still have this app to keep me on track. It keeps all my tasks and habits organized and even colour coded. It can also remind you of upcoming events, tasks or habits, so there’s really no excuse to forget to do something.



With so much going on in our lives, working out sometimes goes on the back-burner, but 7 minute workouts, also known as Tabata is a great way to squeeze in activity, even on your busiest days. It also serves as a great warm-up on the days you do make it to the gym. It’s really hard to say that you’re too busy even for just 7 minutes’ to workout. And the workout will make you sweat. There’s lots of different apps available, so find the one you like the most or you find the most challenging!



I love bargains and sales, but I don’t have time to sit down or haul around dozens of flyers every week. Flipp is almost the best thing since sliced bread with this. You can see sales, coupons, where your weekly grocery list has the cheapest options. It’s basically doing all the research for me. And I can always flip through the flyers at my leisure.



I really don’t know where I would be without this app. Slack has saved me so much time, hassle, and headaches. This is a great platform for anyone who finds themselves working on a team. It eases collaboration while reducing hundreds of emails that you then have to hunt around in your inbox. Everything can be neatly labelled and found in Slack. And what’s more, there are so many other apps that can be integrated into Slack – and no more scrolling through thousands of unorganised conversation on Facebook Messenger.




What are some apps you can’t live without in your daily life? Leave us a comment below!


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