Hello readers! Today is a special day – a day that we don’t get to talk about and celebrate enough: National Teachers’ Day. My mother is a teacher and educator and has been for over a decade. Today I want to celebrate her and all the amazing educators out there who get the opportunity to nurture, build, and shape society through our children. They spend countless hours with the future generation of leaders, academics, and artists and pour their hearts into nurturing raw skill and talent to turn it into beautiful masterpieces and art that leaves a mark on society. They also help guide us and our children in the areas of their passions and desires. In the past weeks leading to this day, I had the opportunity to speak to friends, family, and coworkers from different backgrounds, countries, socio-economic status’ and most expressed their deep gratitude for the influence they had from their teachers.

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We salute and honour our teachers today for shaping our society and pouring your time and heart. For those who missed out on spending time with their families so that they can create lesson plans, grade papers, plan field trips for their classes. For those who spent their own money to acquire resources to educate their students because the school board, or district, didn’t have the funding to provide these resources.

In honor of National Teachers’ Day, I want to talk about an amazing resource that I came across that was created by a teacher for teachers. As much as I received positive feedback, no system is perfect. Speaking to my mother about one of the challenges that she and some of her colleagues face. She expressed that there is a lack of sufficient teaching resources to educate all students. Individuals learn differently and unfortunately most school boards don’t have enough funding to support all their students’ needs. This is where teachers come in and provide these resources in an endeavour to educate their students. For years, teachers had to figure out ways to do so, but not anymore.

Teachers Pay Teachers, is a global community of teachers that banded together to create an easy to access platform to obtain resources such as lesson plans, books, tips, knowledge, and inspiration on how to educate their students. It was founded by Paul Edelman who was inspired to create a “global staff room” that provided resources for educators. In his experience, he got results when he incorporated ideas from other educators and wanted to do the same for other educators who desired to have the same experience like he did. It is also a market place for educators to trade in resources that allows for entrepreneurial opportunities for the educators that desire to create an income as well. My mum has used this platform and she is always amazed by the out pouring support that she received from this community. I am super excited and will be looking to see the continued growth of this platform.

If you are reading this article today or in the near future and know a teacher, take some time to call them and appreciate them. Thank the teacher and educators in your life that inspired hope, ignited your imagination, connected you to your passion, and poured love and support when you needed it the most. Thank them for the countless hours that you didn’t see them invest into your life and educational career. They deserve it and will appreciate it more than you would ever know. I will be doing the same this week, starting with my mother.

Henry Brooks Adams said it best, “Teachers affect eternity, no one can tell where their influence stops.” Help me by appreciating the educators and teachers that have influenced generations and continue to do so and will continue to inspire and affect change for future generations to come. Check out http://teacherspayteachers.com

Who are the educators that have inspired you? Let us know in the comments below!


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