Every year around this time, we tend to struggle with how to celebrate the superheroes in our lives, our Mothers. Our mamas took care of us when we were sick, took us to our first nail salon, and continue to do everything without complaint. Whether you have a mother or someone in your life who is a mother-like figure, today is the day we bow down to them and show our respect for the true Queens of the world.

Lately we are seeing many new interior design trends that are helping revamp the way we do floral on special occasions like Mother’s Day. Instead of just handing your loved one(s) a simple bouquet of flowers, why not try something different? You can create a beautiful display in three easy ways.

Table Runner

This year, save your money on dinner and stay at home. You can replace your old dining set with a beautiful table runner made up of small spring bouquets. This can also be done for cocktail parties and just for any occasion, really. It is a great way to add a splash of colour to your party and it also helps achieve an appearance of a bigger room.

Ombre Arrangements

Another new trend we are seeing is ombre arrangements. People are decorating their tables and living rooms with two-tone coloured flowers that are very similar in shade to make the appearance of a faded look. It is a very beautiful trend when done right. Spring colours tend to highlight one another best by being brighter pastel shades that lighten the room. The two-tone shade adds depth to the room when done on a long table or a hallway.


When is doubt, go for their favourite. You can never go wrong with sticking to something that has never failed. If you have a pickier person to buy for this Mother’s Day, you can always get their favourite flower that you usually buy, but perhaps do something different with it. Leave the peddles of the flower leading to a beautiful dinner or gift or even have small arrangements of their favourite flower all over the home to remind them you are always thinking of them.

This Mother’s Day make sure to do something nice for the lady in your life. If you are all out of ideas and are looking for a bit of help, you have come to the right place. One of our favourite vendors that offer beautiful, elegant flower arrangements is Winston’s Flowers. Bouquets start at about $75.00 but it is worth the price for this special day. They have an array of flowers for every occasion and spring arrangements for every type of person. Now, if your lady isn’t a flower type of gal then they even offer gourmet gift boxes. There is something for everyone this Mother’s Day and be sure to order ahead!


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