I don’t know about you guys but do you ever sit and reflect and just get hit with an overwhelming feeling of peace and joy. Today is that day I speak off. See today is the eve of my 31 Birthday. As I sit here and reflect on my past year and the culmination of all my experiences, I can’t help but smile and just have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I began this year undoubtedly feeling like I got reintroduced to who I was and I was falling in love with myself all over again. I became more confident and felt like I finally found my footing and place on this earth. And it was great up until the middle of the year where I found myself in a situation that forced me to grow and challenge some things that I had shoved away in what I like to call the dark closet of hidden emotions. Towards the end of the year, it became somewhat rocky. I made decisions that went against the very grain of my instinct. It was yet another painful experience. I had to battle some insecurities that I thought that I had taken care of and left in my 20’s. And so I was faced with yet another decision, was I going to let this break me or build me. I am deciding to choose the latter. To know that all things that happen in my life happen for my good. To choose to look at it with gratitude as it opened me up to a door that I had shut for years.

I said all of that to say this, a year and a half ago; I was fighting for my life. I didn’t quite know what my future was going to be like but one thing was for certain, I was not going to settle for what the cards looked like in that moment. Every day I woke up and with a heart of gratitude; I chose to see that day as another opportunity to fight to survive. And for every milestone, I gave thanks because I knew what it was like not to take life for granted. The reason why I mention this is because unfortunately for a lot of humans including myself and especially with that latter of my 30th year, we wait till tragedy hits the door to appreciate the gift of life. Undoubtedly, we will have to go through storms and issues. It is part of life. However, your attitude and view of the situation will shift the outcome entirely.

Choose to change your perspective on things; Things don’t happen to you,  things happen for you. In that, you begin to adopt an attitude of gratitude. Once you see that there is always something to be thankful for, you will never look at disappointment the same way again.

As I sit here I am choosing to begin this year, choosing to change my perspective and to know that there is so much to be grateful for as long as my eyes are open.


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