Hi everyone! I am super excited that I am beginning this journey with you all. The answer to this question is a long one, so I suggest you go ahead and grab yourself a drink or snack or wine, whatever tickles your fancy. I am only kidding, It might just be a long introduction to who is behind these posts, but if you stick with me I promise to keep you engaged and hopefully inspired and not bombard you with lots to read. This is just an introduction so that we can get acquainted. I want to get to know you and you to know me.

It never really ever crossed my mind to blog. Until a couple of people told me to think about it. I wondered why, because it became a topic of conversation amongst these key individuals. I finally mustered up the courage to ask the one person who insisted that I should do this. I honestly thought they were intrigued by who I was as a person but, sadly I got to understand the real Reason why they encouraged me to blog; “I am known to be long winded in expression”, they expressed. Imagine the look on my face as they carefully try to explain my long-winded personality away… Weeks of personal introspection led me to sadly accept that they were right… I can’t help it. I love to express myself, especially in writing. And yes, I am the person that has a ten-page essay on captions and birthday messages.

And before you even check out of this long-winded blog post hear me out. I never saw it as strength until someone suggested to me start a blog. One, it gives me the opportunity to communicate my thoughts and Two; I get to share and speak on what I am passionate about.

I have a strong desire to inspire as I often find myself being inspired by all sorts of things and people, and love to encourage and so I decided to give blogging a try. Coupled with my love for everything design, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, Wellness, Inspiration, I figured I might as well document as I grow and evolve in these areas and evolve into the woman that I was created to be, and hopefully get inspired and inspire and share my thoughts. And yes people this is the edited version of this piece. I promise not to be lengthy moving forward. I just had to break it down.

I am going to end here for now. I am looking forward to growing and getting to know you all. Stay Tuned.


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